Cocktail Calculator

How can I calculate how much alcohol I will need for my event?
This is a question we hear almost daily, so we are happy to provide this quick calculator to assist you with your event planning needs. Use the calculator to the right to estimate the amount of alcohol you will need.

Estimate 2 drinks per person for the first hour of your event:
Add 1 drink per person per hour for each additional hour:
Total number of drinks needed for your event:

If you are serving wine and beer, divide the number of drinks needed equally between the two (for example, if you need 100 total drinks, assume 50 will be beer and 50 will be wine). If you are serving wine, beer, and cocktails, divide the number of drinks equally between the three (for example, if you need 100 total drinks, assume 33 will be beer, 33 will be wine, and 33 will be cocktails).

Knoxville Catering & Special Events has vast experience in matching beverages and foods, and we’d be happy to suggest specific brands and pairings to best complement your menu.

Serving alcohol must be done legally and responsibly. Click here for more information about the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.