Alcohol Savings

Because Knoxville Catering & Special Events does not have a license to provide alcohol, you are able to purchase your own alcohol at the store of your choosing so that you can benefit from the significant cost savings of “buying your own” rather than being required to purchase from us at a marked up price. Shopping for your own not only allows you to find the best bargain but it also can ensure that you do not spend more than you need to, because many liquor stores will offer a case discount and will even take returns of unopened, undamaged bottles (with prior arrangements with the store). Catering firms who hold licenses to provide liquor by the drink typically include surcharges or other fees, making it generally more expensive than purchasing your own alcohol.

We are happy to coordinate licensed, insured, professional bartenders to serve alcohol at your event, relieving you of this responsibility while also allowing you to enjoy significant cost savings.

Serving alcohol must be done legally and responsibly. Click here for more information about the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.